Graphic communication at school

Yesterday I was at the Ntra. Señora de Atocha school doing a workshop on graphic communication and character creation for the primary school children. We talked about how to make a character that communicates our ideas with a few lines, a bit of detective skills and a bit of theatre. As always, I learned more than I taught.

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Special Comic Book Day with Javier Mariscal

Javier Mariscal and Pedro Meca at the Comic Library of the BRMU (Murcia)

Last March 15 I was in the Comicteca space of the Regional Library of Murcia presenting the master Mariscal. Together with the public we celebrated the day of the comic talking about his latest animated film with Fernando Trueba and many other topics. I learned so many things! Thank you maestro for sharing everything with such naturalness.


The Digital Services Act illustrated

I've created the illustrations for The Digital Services Act (DSA) booklet, that explains in simple terms what the DSA has put in place to protect children and young people under the age of 18. You can check it here, in the publication office of the European Union.


Molotov 2022 in the School of Art

Yesterday I enjoyed giving a little talk in my beloved Escuela de Arte de Murcia together with Gonzalo Mart. Moreno, Analia Paterna, Julia Puche and Carmen Martínez, wonderful illustrators from whom I learned a lot. Many thanks to Helena and Pablo, as well as all the students who attended, it was a pleasure to be there.

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Comic workshop at Ntra. señora de Atocha school

Last Friday I went to my son's school to give a comic workshop to the primary school children and a drawing workshop to the infants. It was a wonderful day surrounded by great little artists who taught me more than I taught them. I had a great time. Thanks to all the school staff for making it so easy.

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Talk at El Carmen High School

Yesterday I was at the IES El Carmen - Murcia giving a talk to the girls and boys of the art baccalaureate, we were talking about how I do things and they asked a lot of intelligent questions. Then they showed me all the art they have in them by showing me their exhibition of drawings. Thanks to all the staff and thank you very much Ana Nicolás for the invitation, it was great.

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“I love jazz” exhibition opening concert

Last Friday we inaugurated my exhibition of illustrations "I love jazz" at the Regional Library of Murcia, which will run until June 2022.

While the trio of musicians "Limón Jazz" played tributes to some of the musicians in the illustrations of the exhibition, I was drawing them live.

We listened to all these songs.

I also explained my process of creation from a pencil sketch and the completion of the drawing in Adobe Illustrator, at the end there was a round of questions. You can see the video of the recording here.

It was an unforgettable evening surrounded by friends. My thanks to Vicente Funes, from the Regional Library, who came up with the idea of the exhibition, to Andrés Santos for organising the Limón jazz, to Carmen Climént and Jesús Gea for coming to the call and to all my family and friends who came to support me that day.

You can see the illustrations in this web clicking here.

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First prize in the Lorenzo Goñi graphic humour competition 2020

I am very happy because I have been awarded the first prize in the Lorenzo Goñi graphic humour competition, this year with the theme "La España vaciada" (Empty Spain). For me it is a privilege and an honour. With things being as they are at this time of year it will be more difficult to get to know the town and the person behind it all, Fernando Garcia Garreta, but we will try. A big hug to all the organisation and congratulations to the other winners.

Coverage? Go to church | Is there coverage there? No, but they can pray to Saint Francis and also ask him for a health centre and a road without potholes.


Interview in La Placeta

In my hometown, the magazine La Placeta de Lorca has just been published, with an illustration on the cover by me and a short interview. Thanks to the whole team of the magazine and to Tere for her professionalism.


3rd prize in the poster competition for the XXIX International Flamenco Singing Festival Ciudad del Sol

Yesterday I picked up another award, my poster proposal for the "XXIX Festival Internacional de Cante Flamenco Ciudad del Sol" came in third place. My thanks to the people of the Peña Cultural Flamenca Ciudad del Sol, great people who have been promoting flamenco culture in my hometown for 30 years.

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