I'm a full-time freelance dad (because being a parent is a full-time job). In my studio in the sunny Mediterranean city of Murcia (Spain) I work on all sorts of visual communication projects, including illustration, editorial design and animation.

If you've checked out my website you may have notice that my style is synthetic, minimalist, based on spots of colour and brushstrokes of clear comic line. Basically, I'm like a more talented and good-looking version of Mr. Clean. 

I always try to infuse a little bit of humor into my creations because laughter is the best medicine (except if you are dead, in that case, not even actual medicine can save you).

I also give talks at art institutes where I teach the new generations how to make a name for themselves in the market.
For the little ones I have created workshops where we have a great time stimulating creativity, and we create little comics to learn how to communicate visually (from 5 years old).

Give me a shout: info@pedromeca.com

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